The creation of a unique landscape begins with a design that draws inspiration from existing architecture and sense of place. By balancing these elements with the client’s needs and wants, and by using building practices respectful of our natural environment, we create landscapes and gardens that inspire the senses and provide welcoming areas for entertainment, relaxation, and reflection.

Our designs are produced using CAD software, with measurements from plot plans, surveyor’s maps, or by site surveys performed by us. Upon completion, the finished plan is presented to you with a cost estimate detailing the budget needed to construct the new landscape.

Attention to detail, balance with nature, and service to our clients are the foundations for projects designed and built by Blue Heron Landscape Design.


Continuity throughout the process is an important aspect of designing and creating a new landscape. Working with one company from design to completion ensures that the ideas that were generated during design, are implemented during the construction phase. Blue Heron Landscape Design is present throughout the entire process, ensuring harmony and timeliness. Our crews work alongside local tradespeople, contractors, and artisans, to create beautiful gardens for our clients.


Creating a new landscape is an investment that instantly boosts the property’s aesthetic, but it’s only the beginning. To ensure that it matures as designed and ages gracefully, it must be cared for. At Blue Heron Landscape Design, we provide you with the information you need to maintain your new landscape. Instructions for periodic tasks such as weeding, fertilizing, pruning, mulching, and editing, are included to give our clients the tools needed to care for their new landscape. Alternatively, Blue Heron Landscape Design may be hired to perform ongoing maintenance.

There’s no such thing as a low maintenance garden, and though it may seem overwhelming, caring for your new investment with Blue Heron Landscape Design’s guidance, or help, can be both rewarding and enjoyable.

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